[SDL] IMPORTANT: Migrating away from mailing list

Alberto Luaces aluaces at udc.es
Tue Mar 28 13:46:03 PDT 2017

"Ryan C. Gordon" writes:

>> What about those of us using gmane.org?
> I thought gmane died last year...?

No, it was quickly taken over by an external company.  There are more
details at the Wikipedia.

> Are you using it through a usenet client? If it's a question of having
> a web interface or access to post archives, those are basically solved
> by Discourse, but there isn't currently an NNTP interface available.

I cannot answer for the OP, but gmane makes it really convenient to
follow a big number of lists, without having to subscribe —at least
until you post, were you have to send a confirmation post once.  Plus,
having all the archives on the same interface is a big pro.

Yes, I understand that it is not a big deal to subscribe to a mailing
list either.  Just convenience.

> (in terms of list archives being part of the Gmane public record, I
> think we could probably just make an account for it with Mailing List
> Mode turned on; if replies originating out of Gmane come from a unique
> email address for each user, we can probably make it mostly work...but
> there are some important differences from a standard mailing list that
> Gmane would probably need to be able to handle on its end of things.)

I think it is worth trying to subscribe gmane as is to see what


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