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Mason Wheeler masonwheeler at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 28 08:19:52 PDT 2017

Go ahead, ask Jeff what happened with The Daily WTF forums on Discourse.  Just be aware that whatever answer you get is likely to be heavily slanted.  Then tell us what he said, and I'll show you the archives.

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> When this came up a while ago, I mentioned that I had previous
> experience with Discourse and it was a huge mess, and it sure looked
> like you and Sam acknowledged it and said thanks for the warning.

I tried to find a better alternative and couldn't. I'm not sure that the 
technical issues you mentioned are still a problem, as development 
continued on, fwiw, but this quote here:

> Speaking of Jeff Atwood, even though he was not a member of our
> community, he took it upon himself to use a developer's backdoor to set
> up a special administrator account on our community and go through
> policing things, arbitrarily moving posts from one category to another
> because he felt it fit better there, to the point where "Jeffing" became
> a verb among us meaning "moderator action to move a post to another
> thread/category".  I can't help but think this behavior would be
> completely unacceptable for the SDL forum.

Do you mind if I ask Jeff about this? That would be a pretty serious 
breach of trust, and I'd like to understand the details.

> I cannot emphasize this strongly enough: if you switch over to
> Discourse, we will all end up regretting it.  I agree that we need a
> better forum software, but please, /please,/ find something less toxic!

The bulk of the hard work was cleaning up the archives outside of 
Discourse; those are all sitting here as mbox files that can probably be 
moved anywhere. If you have a better solution, please suggest it, but we 
have to move quickly in whatever direction we go.


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