[SDL] IMPORTANT: Migrating away from mailing list

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Tue Mar 28 08:00:16 PDT 2017

> When this came up a while ago, I mentioned that I had previous
> experience with Discourse and it was a huge mess, and it sure looked
> like you and Sam acknowledged it and said thanks for the warning.

I tried to find a better alternative and couldn't. I'm not sure that the 
technical issues you mentioned are still a problem, as development 
continued on, fwiw, but this quote here:

> Speaking of Jeff Atwood, even though he was not a member of our
> community, he took it upon himself to use a developer's backdoor to set
> up a special administrator account on our community and go through
> policing things, arbitrarily moving posts from one category to another
> because he felt it fit better there, to the point where "Jeffing" became
> a verb among us meaning "moderator action to move a post to another
> thread/category".  I can't help but think this behavior would be
> completely unacceptable for the SDL forum.

Do you mind if I ask Jeff about this? That would be a pretty serious 
breach of trust, and I'd like to understand the details.

> I cannot emphasize this strongly enough: if you switch over to
> Discourse, we will all end up regretting it.  I agree that we need a
> better forum software, but please, /please,/ find something less toxic!

The bulk of the hard work was cleaning up the archives outside of 
Discourse; those are all sitting here as mbox files that can probably be 
moved anywhere. If you have a better solution, please suggest it, but we 
have to move quickly in whatever direction we go.


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