[SDL] IMPORTANT: Migrating away from mailing list

Rainer Deyke rainerd at eldwood.com
Mon Mar 27 21:58:48 PDT 2017

On 28.03.2017 03:52, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> If you exclusively used the web forums, we have an account for you but
> not your email: hit me up and I can hand the account over to you, or you
> can just make a new one, if you like.
> If you want to use Discourse as a mailing list and never see the website
> again, you can; there is an option to turn on "Mailing List Mode" in
> your user prefs. New topics can be started by writing to
> sdl at discourse.libsdl.org, or you reply to the address on whatever email
> you want to reply to, and it ends up in the right place.

What about those of us using gmane.org?

Rainer Deyke - rainerd at eldwood.com

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