[SDL] sdl 2-05 PoolEvent error && raspberry

Scap_Pato luigi.taribo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 17 11:17:19 PDT 2017

try to be  more clear 
i use in my applicattion 
SDL PollEvent that works well with my keyboard
(every key is recognize  without problem)
also i controll touch screen in  a different thread
read from so input_event 
looking for BTN_TOUCH  ABS_X ABS_Y and also this works fine.
the issue start when   touch the screen
SDL PollEvent catch event
but doesn't recognize
330 Keycode
(is the value of BTN_TOUCH)
and print INFO message 
The key you just pressed is not recognize by SDL to hep get fixed .... please report EVDEV KeyCode 330
where can i add this 330 code to avoid INFO message ( maybe associate to a dummy key)
disable INFO message?
complile SDL2.05 in a different way?
or other hints?

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