[SDL] How about an SDL_RenderFillQuad function?

SeanOConnor sean at windowsgames.co.uk
Fri Sep 30 08:07:54 PDT 2016

For now I've done:


for (xx=-1; xx<=+1; xx++)
	for (yy=-1; yy<=+1; yy++)
					   	ptFrom.x + xx,
					   	ptFrom.y + yy,
					   	ptTo.x + xx,
					   	ptTo.y + yy);

I just thought that adding a quad, triangle or arbitrary number of points function would be so easy (as rects are drawn with triangles anyway) it might as well be added, and I was surprised those functions weren't there already.

I took a look at SDL_gpu but I'm wary of trying something without much documentation and potential future support. It does seem to use floating points for coordinates though which is another thing I don't get why SDL doesn't use.

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