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Travis McKinney movonarvic at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 14:54:17 PDT 2016

I love the terminal fallback idea.
What I'm looking for in a GUI is good subpixel rendering and anti aliasing.
I want crisp pixel free lines, shapes and text at any resolution.
Currently looking at adapting the AGG GUI.
Do any of the above mentioned GUIs have this capability?

I liken the lines of code metric to movie ratings. Something to go on but
doesn't determine wether I will like the film.
Also characters of code would be a better metric, especially for my coding
style, which is obsessively columnar,
I absolutely cannot abide by long lines in my own code. Multiple nested
templates, long lists of function parameters are all broken onto multiple
lines. A new line before and after every curly brace.
The main advantage is that I can use a tiling window manager to easily
compare 8+ files on one workspace!

On 19 September 2016 at 09:54, actsl <tkorrovi at mail.com> wrote:

> Who knows programming, knows that comments and blank lines are all part of
> the code, there cannot be too many, for code to be readable. So even there,
> complexity matters. The number of lines of code is a measure of complexity
> of the code, considering that the code is well written. And is not
> obfuscated, in kiss_sdl it isn't. It is some measure, yet not the only
> measure of complexity. Yet it matters when the code has to be easily
> changeable, when the code is too long, it is not easily understandable, and
> also not easily changeable.
> The details like placement of { depend on the coding style. In C code the
> good style is Kernighan & Ritchie coding style, or the Linux kernel coding
> style, which comes from this, i think many agree. This also somewhat
> determines the number of comments.
> I think it can be argued endlessly whether the number of lines of code
> matters, or doesn't matter at all. But i think the bottom line is, it still
> somewhat matters. And more generally, complexity matters.
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