[SDL] changing display resolution using SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN with multiple displays not working on mac OS X (el capitan) ?

jeroen clarysse jeroen.clarysse at telenet.be
Mon Sep 26 04:41:32 PDT 2016

hi all,

using THREE monitors, and trying to create two SDL_windows like this : 

	int display_main_num = 1;
	int display_2nd_num = 2;

	m_main_window_w = 1024;
	m_main_window_h = 768;
	m_2nd_window_w = 1024;
	m_2nd_window_h = 768;

	m_main_window = SDL_CreateWindow("Main window",SDL_WINDOWPOS_CENTERED_DISPLAY(display_main_num),SDL_WINDOWPOS_CENTERED_DISPLAY(display_main_num),m_main_window_w,m_main_window_h,SDL_WINDOW_SHOWN|SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP);
	m_main_renderer = SDL_CreateRenderer(m_main_window, -1, SDL_RENDERER_SOFTWARE);

	m_2nd_window = SDL_CreateWindow("2nd window",SDL_WINDOWPOS_CENTERED_DISPLAY(display_2nd_num),SDL_WINDOWPOS_CENTERED_DISPLAY(display_2nd_num),m_2nd_window_w,m_2nd_window_h,SDL_WINDOW_SHOWN|SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP);
	m_2nd_renderer = SDL_CreateRenderer(m_2nd_window, -1, SDL_RENDERER_SOFTWARE);

this works nicely, but these call don't change resolutions yet. However, when I change the flags SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN_DESKTOP to SDL_WINDOW_FULLSCREEN, SDL is supposed to change the resolution of both monitors to 1024 x 768. A lot happens on the screen : flickering windows, typical macos fullscreen resizing animation, flashing menu bar, …  but the whole function stays stuck in he first CreateWindow() call

after I click around a bit, the code continues, but the windows are NOT fullscreen.

has anyone succeeded in using multiple displays WITH resolution changes ?

I also tried with using only ONE display resolution and leaving the other at desktop res, but even that didn’t work

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