[SDL] SDL 2.0.4, MacOsX and 32 Bits: bad sound, bad render

Jerome Vernet vernet.jerome at wanadoo.fr
Mon Sep 19 13:14:53 PDT 2016

Le 19/09/2016 à 19:37, Jerome Vernet a écrit :
> Hello,
> I'm working on the MacosX build of Hatari (https://hatari.tuxfamily.org/).
> While trying to make an universal build (32/64 bits), I have some
> problems when running in 32 Bits mode:
> - bad sound (crack/noise)
> - bad render (looks like screnn is aliased, which is not supposed to
> be). Screen have a little black border that do not appear while running
> in 64 bits mode.
> - very slow rendering.

I can say that the sound problem appear between revision 8910 and 9000
of the mercurial ;).

Trying to find the right one...


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