[SDL] List all GUI toolkits for SDL

Sik the hedgehog sik.the.hedgehog at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 08:49:18 PDT 2016

2016-09-19 10:04 GMT-03:00, David Demelier <demelier.david at gmail.com>:
> I know wonder if you are a troll.
> Each time we are talking about GUI you still comparing the number of
> lines of code. Stop promoting your toolkit because it has less lines
> of code and saying other toolkits are bloat and complex. A software is
> not necessary more complex by having more lines of code.
> If your GUI only offers buttons, combobox and lists while a toolkit
> provides file chooser, color selector, web view, tabs, stacks, themes,
> etc, it is not bloat or complex but obviously has more lines of code.
> It just has more features.

I'm surprised you didn't mention the obvious one: blank lines,
comments and other lines that aren't actual code (like having { on its
own line instead of right after the parenthesis). And even that
doesn't matter because it all depends on what the compiler does -
sometimes it'll do a better job with seemingly unoptimal code, simply
because it understands it better.

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