[SDL] Why do I get so few points(SDL_MOUSEMOTION) when I move fast

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Thu Sep 15 11:19:47 PDT 2016

On 9/13/16 5:03 PM, Ismael Serrano wrote:
> Or you can get the current position on the update and compare with the
> previous to check if there is any difference.
> |    ||///--- Update the current state of the mouse|
> |    ||m_uCurrentMouseState=SDL_GetMouseState(&m_iCurrentCoordX,
> &m_iCurrentCoordY);|

To be clear: SDL_GetMouseState() returns the last-known mouse positions, 
based on what events the OS has previously sent. It's more convenient in 
some cases than relying on SDL's event loop, but it's not any more accurate.


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