[SDL] Is it forbidden to run SDL apps from X11 on the Pi?

Andreas Falkenhahn andreas at falkenhahn.com
Thu Sep 15 08:13:26 PDT 2016

On 15.09.2016 at 00:37 Eric Wing wrote:

>> Is there no way to make SDL apps cooperate nicely with X11? If there isn't,
>> I think it should *really*
>> be mentioned in the README that running SDL apps from X11 can have
>> disastrous consequences because
>> mouse clicks are forwarded to the desktop without the user noticing because
>> the whole display is
>> filled by the SDL app...

> As I mentioned earlier in the other thread, if this really is
> important for you

Hmm, isn't it important for you too? I mean, what do you tell your Blurrr
users? Something like: "Blurrr supports the Pi but it only works without
X11"? ... not too convincing ;)

> you should try the official experimental OpenGL
> driver for Pi.
> https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/another-new-raspbian-release/

Well, I think it's clear that we'll get proper OpenGL support on the Pi
sooner or later but still, I'm wondering whether the existing RPI backend
can't be modified to prevent input being routed through to X11. If this
could be done without going to great pains, why not do it? But as I said,
I'm not the one to judge/assess the feasability because I have no idea
what's going on under the hood.

> Since nobody else has tried it yet and reported back, we'd all be
> interested in hearing the details of how it works.

To tell you the truth, I'm not very keen on trying out experimental
things on Linux because I still consider myself a Linux beginner and
I think chances are high that I'll end up with a messed up system
after those tests and the only way out is a reinstall...

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