[SDL] Failed to open vchiq device on RPi

Andreas Falkenhahn andreas at falkenhahn.com
Tue Sep 13 07:12:39 PDT 2016

Oops, sorry for the confusion. It turned out to be my fault. I did a clean install
of Jessie last weekend to see if the problems were related to Wheezy which I was
running before that. Because I was so focused on getting the "Failed to open vchiq device"
error solved I then simply forgot to install the packages

    libudev-dev libdbus-1-dev

after the upgrade to Jessie :( I've done that now and surprise, surprise: Input
is working now. So sorry for the false alert. 

But I still think that SDL should select the RPI driver as the default on the PI.
Since cmake/configure automatically select this driver for building, I assume
that there must be a way to detect a Pi and then enable this driver. 

If it really isn't possible to automatically detect a Pi, then you could also
add a new option for cmake/configure that specifically configures the build for
the Pi. Of course such an option should be mentioned in the README-raspberrypi.md

On 13.09.2016 at 04:15 Alex Barry wrote:

> Although I agree with you, Sam's buildbot script seems to indicate
> that maybe you do need those extra configure options;
> https://hg.libsdl.org/SDL/file/default/build-scripts/raspberrypi-buildbot.sh#l44

> Sam, if you have a free minute this weekend, can you confirm or deny this?

> On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 9:32 PM, Eric Wing <ewmailing at gmail.com> wrote:

> (Sorry, forgot to include list.)
 >> in order to make it work. Why does SDL select the X11 driver as the
 >> default driver when building for the Pi when it obviously doesn't
 >> work? This should really be fixed and there should be a word about
 >> it in the readme. Currently, there is none. There are several
 >> pages about cross-compiling for the Pi but the essentials are missing
 >> it seems :(
>  I don't remember, but I do remember seeing multiple sources
>  recommending to disable X11 when building SDL. This avoids most
>  problems and doesn't require any changes to your project code like
>  adding SDL_VideoInit("RPI");
>  In general, the problem with building on Pi is that it looks just like
>  any other Linux system from a build process perspective. Linux
>  Standard Base is the easiest way to start making these queries, but
>  Raspbian doesn't install LSB. Something still could be done, but most
>  I'm sure nobody felt like doing it. And since the Pi foundation is
>  trying to make it work like any regular Linux desktop, this mechanism
>  will ultimately conflict with that.
 >>> If you install and enable this driver, and configure SDL
 >>> appropriately, maybe you can get this to work. I don't know what's
 >>> actually involved to make this work. I would like to hear your results
 >>> and the procedure for making this work.

 >> I better first get the RPI driver working correctly here before
 >> tackling even more experimental stuff... what else can I try to
 >> get input working?

>  So, that program I sent you at the beginning, does input work there?
>  Can you take that libSDL that I shipped and use it with your program
>  instead of the one I built? Does input work?
>  If mine works, you still probably have a build configuration issue.
>  -Eric
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