[SDL] Failed to open vchiq device on RPi

Andreas Falkenhahn andreas at falkenhahn.com
Mon Sep 12 08:30:05 PDT 2016

On 12.09.2016 at 00:46 Eric Wing wrote:

> I mentioned during the SDL 2.0.4 release cycle I was seeing an
> SDL_assert being thrown in the mouse system sometimes. In further
> testing, it seems to happen to me when the system is loaded down and
> cannot complete the event loop in a reasonable amount of time. If you
> kill your process (i.e. remote login), maybe you'll see that this is
> the same assertion being thrown prompting you to abort/ignore.

I've compiled with 

    #define SDL_ASSERT_LEVEL 0

and I've also killed the process from a remote machine using SSH to
look at the output but there is none! SDL doesn't show anything. My
program runs correctly using SDL on the Pi but it can't be used because
the mouse cursor is frozen and keyboard doesn't work either :( This is
quite frustrating... any other ideas? Without input support it's obviously
pretty useless...

> When the SDL implementation was written, Pi only had a GLES driver and
> the Pi could not support rendering through X11. (Apparently there is
> some scary hack that Minecraft figured out which makes it kind of
> work, but still is pretty wonky.)

This of course makes me wonder why the RPI driver isn't selected as the
default driver when building for the Pi? It took me an hour to figure out
what was going wrong until I realized that I had to call


in order to make it work. Why does SDL select the X11 driver as the
default driver when building for the Pi when it obviously doesn't
work? This should really be fixed and there should be a word about
it in the readme. Currently, there is none. There are several
pages about cross-compiling for the Pi but the essentials are missing
it seems :(

> If you install and enable this driver, and configure SDL
> appropriately, maybe you can get this to work. I don't know what's
> actually involved to make this work. I would like to hear your results
> and the procedure for making this work.

I better first get the RPI driver working correctly here before
tackling even more experimental stuff... what else can I try to
get input working?

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