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actsl tkorrovi at mail.com
Sun Sep 11 13:48:12 PDT 2016

Jonny D wrote:
> I also would argue (as others have) that more lines of code does not imply more complexity.
> The reason: The complexity passed on to the user when he wants the UI to look a certain way is the complexity that counts.  This can occur either in the API or in code structure when API design fails and he has to modify the library.

Right but, the complexity of the code cannot be completely hidden, and attempt to do so may decrease the freedom of the user to do what the user wants to do, or what may be necessary to do in some case.

But as i said, this is only one aspect of comparing the libraries, i agree that it no way says everything about the code or the library, other features have to be considered also to meaningfully compare. Yet the number of lines of code is one important aspect in comparing the codes.

I would like to see someone comparing these GUI toolkits by other features.

kiss_sdl - Simple generic GUI widget toolkit for SDL2 https://github.com/actsl/kiss_sdl

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