[SDL] List all GUI toolkits for SDL

actsl tkorrovi at mail.com
Sun Sep 11 11:40:55 PDT 2016

The number of lines of code in all these GUI toolkits is as follows:

Geeonx -- closed source
Nanogui -- 20525 lines
Guichan -- 28362 lines
neoGFX -- not finished, but will likely be an advanced type of big toolkit
SDL_gui -- 7514 lines
SDL-widgets -- 10301 lines
KiWi -- 5600 lines
Nuklear -- 34692 lines
Rose -- 40207 lines

kiss_sdl -- 2437 lines. I didn't make it if it were not smaller than any of these, what sense does it make to write yet another GUI toolkit. The paradigm of that is "Unnecessary complexity is evil" versus "Complexity doesn't matter".

But this is a comparison of these only from my perspective, about only one aspect of them. May interest some people too though. But some others my compere these GUI toolkits from some other perspective, that's interesting too.

kiss_sdl - Simple generic GUI widget toolkit for SDL2 https://github.com/actsl/kiss_sdl

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