[SDL] Improve SDL2 graphics API

sgrsgsrg thephanoo at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 11:30:07 PDT 2016

I know there is this library but it has some problems. The rendering is very sluggish in windowed mode, i don't know why but i dont have this problem with the SFML renderer (it's not the CPU since its usage is approx 0.5%). Disabling the Vsync completely block the app, getting about 0.5 FPS and max cpu usage. My nvidia drivers are up to date.

Also, someone removed the BlitBatch function from SDL_gpu, forcing the users to get headaches with TriangleBatch... i don't understand this decision. Since you already have 50 functions doing nearly the same thing with 1-2 different parameters, why delete the one that make life easier...

Batch rendering (shown to the used or automated inside RenderCopy) should be simply included into SDL2. Using third party stuff for core functions like that sucks... The audio API had unlimited power with its direct access to the sound buffer, I'd like to have the same applied to the graphics api :)

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