[SDL] List all GUI toolkits for SDL

Daniel V daniel.viksporre at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 03:47:45 PDT 2016

How many GUI toolkits is there for SDL currently to use?

And how many are thinking of making their own GUI toolkit for SDL?

And what is the web Links to them and what platforms do they support,
and what SDL version? And what are the dependencies of other libraries
does these GUI toolkits have?

And to you currently thinking of making a GUI toolk kit, or has made one...
 What was your goal?
 What was you currently lacking?
 What style of programming is it that you want to suooort?

Currently I am also thinking of making a GUI toolkit, so you can make
point an click applications that can run in the Linux terminal, that
also can be compiled all the common window system. And is also
thinking of giving it a state machine, so it scales well to bigger
applications, and to get separation of GUI and the rest of the
program. So programs can easily be converted to be client server
application, or to easily improve the GUI later for use under window

// Daniel V.

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