[SDL] Improve SDL2 graphics API

sgrsgsrg thephanoo at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 02:30:05 PDT 2016

Really, I'm in love with SDL2 : good portability, easy event handling, powerful audio API (what could be more powerful than direct writing to the buffer ?).
I started to use it for my (professionnal) game project, but I have to admit, all graphic-related stuff  is quite outdated. Sure it's far better than the worthless software rendering that were in SDL 1, but I feel it's the most lacking part. It's a big waste of resources for a desktop computer, and an inacceptable one for mobile devices.

Some people will say "do the opengl stuff yourself", yeah, but while I can handle the audio and other stuff myself handling OpenGL require lots of specific knowledge if you want to do anything more than the old "glBegin -- glEnd".

What I'd like to be added is:

- Texture batching : specify a texture, give an array of source/dest coordinates to be rendered in 1 draw call (so many people need that..)
- Do more things in retained mode

I don't know if all devices covered by SDL would support that, so theses functions would need to have a fallback (eg. texture batching calling multiple classic Draws)

It was already done by some SDL users : https://forums.libsdl.org/viewtopic.php?t=11226&sid=6d123e4460735297c6c5573a69c4dae6

Meanwhile, i'll probably recompile SDL with his modifications. But it'd be nice to have this officially merged into SDL.

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