[SDL] hg #7991 broke DOSBox on OS X

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Wed Sep 7 15:18:05 PDT 2016

On 9/7/16 6:08 PM, Sik the hedgehog wrote:
> 2016-09-06 19:33 GMT-03:00, Jesse Palser <jessepalsermailinglists at gmail.com>:
>> I am not too good with building from source,
>> Is there an Ubuntu 16.04 PPA for this DOSBox-X somewhere?
>> Thanks!
> Just GitHub afaik :/ Though I may ask since the 64-bit build still
> doesn't have JIT and results in all late DOS games running like crap.

To hijack this thread back to the original topic, I think this fixes the 
DOSBox bug that Dominus was seeing:



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