[SDL] is there a way to reassign a SDL2 source value in a program?

Eric Wing ewmailing at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 15:45:04 PDT 2016

Is this problem related to why Android always returns 1 for the click count?

On 9/6/16, Alex Szpakowski <aszpakowski at gmail.com> wrote:
> iOS also provides a UITouch.tapCount property (“the number of times the user
> tapped their fingers on a certain point within a predefined period”), which
> is not used by SDL at all but would be exactly what I expect to be exposed
> by the SDL mouse event clicks field.
>> That said… I think it should actually just use what the OS considers to be
>> a double-click (when the OS provides that information), similarly to how
>> key repeat works right now. Double-click speed on desktops is typically a
>> user-exposed system wide setting, so I feel like SDL’s APIs should expose
>> that information rather than doing something that a developer using SDL
>> can do on their own.

FWIW, for Mac, NSEvent provides clickCount.


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