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actsl tkorrovi at mail.com
Tue Sep 6 01:25:04 PDT 2016

markand wrote:
> Regarding the look and feel, well... I think it needs some 
> reconsideration :-).

You may not believe how easy it is to change the look and feel. I tried to keep the default version simple, so it were easy for beginners to use, change, and play with it. Thus by default there is only a rudimentary graphics. But if you need something more advanced, you may fork it in GitHub and make a more advanced version of it. Very possible to do, and i'm sure there would be people who want to use it.

kiss_sdl now appears first when searching GitHub for C widget toolkit  https://github.com/search?l=C&q=widget+toolkit&type=Repositories&utf8=%E2%9C%93 . Before tcl/tk surprisingly, which is an old and most widely used widget toolkit. I still think it's the best, though much more complex than mine and it is not for C, but tcl, the whole tcl interpreted language has to be embedded for using it. But i think it's an alternative for these who want a more advanced widget toolkit. imgui is more popular, it is historic, the first immediate GUI, who will not give the credit, though it is a lot more complex than mine and not really very easy to use.

And thanks a lot to MrTAToad for nice video.

kiss_sdl - Simple generic GUI widget toolkit for SDL2 https://github.com/actsl/kiss_sdl

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