[SDL] Guisan - C++ SDL2 toolkit

Alexander von Gluck IV kallisti5 at unixzen.com
Sat Sep 3 10:30:45 PDT 2016


I've had this Guichan port to SDL2 named Guisan (Guichan grown up) hanging out in my github account forever now.
I thought I'd post about it here :-). Guisan is a fork of the old Guichan to support SDL2.

Guisan is an SDL2 GUI toolkit with a pretty simple API.

Screenshot demo of widgets:

https://s9.postimg.org/j1hc44z1r/Screenshot_from_2016_09_03_12_29_31.png (https://s9.postimg.org/j1hc44z1r/Screenshot_from_2016_09_03_12_29_31.png)
It's seen some updates, SDL2 support, and a conversion to SCons.

The toolkit is BSD licensed and designed to be statically linked into your project to keep things simple.

https://github.com/kallisti5/guisan (https://github.com/kallisti5/guisan)

If anyone is interested, pull requests are definitely appreciated. If someone wants to pick it up and run with it,
i'll gladly convert it into a github project and add other admins to the repo. I have a lot of open source
projects under my belt now-a-days and Guisan has sadly gone unchanged for a year now.

 -- Alex
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