[SDL] In-App Purchases

ruler501 d.ruler501 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 09:28:56 PDT 2014

ruler501 wrote:
> Thanks for the code, it is greatly appreciated.
> It does seem to be missing a few headers though(XAppBase.h, misc/XF_Log.h, os/xf_os_android_jni.h) otherwise it seems to be working great, and though I'm not sure if we could make a library out of it, because of the android complications I think I could write some scripts to make it seem almost like a plug and play library.

I managed to edit it so it would compile, but I'm not certain my edits were correct, what is mClassPath = pApp->mJavaClassPath; supposed to do? I just assumed it returned the path of the main package in my code.

Also does XFOsAndroidManageLocalRef aLocalRef(aEnv); do anything? It seems the value was never used so I commented out those lines.

I also had to remove most of the logging since that header was missing.

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