[SDL] Triangle will not render (Justin Agrell)

Jonathan Dearborn grimfang4 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 18:31:52 PDT 2014

I'm glad they were able to help you.

I'll just point out that OpenGL 3.1 is not very old (though the Intel HD
3000's performance is lacking).  You would only need newer GL versions for
certain features, like on-GPU tessellation.  Per-vertex colors can be done
with shaders on OpenGL 1.5, so you're certainly fine!

Jonny D

On Thu, Sep 18, 2014 at 5:23 PM, Justin Agrell <justin at u4e.us> wrote:

> You were both right, I was not specifying shaders at all. I decided to
> find another example source and modify it to get things working for my
> setup.
> (Original source from:
> http://www.brandonfoltz.com/2013/12/example-using-opengl-3-0-with-sdl2-and-glew/
> )
> (my modified source)
> http://u4e.us/c/main.c
> http://u4e.us/c/fs1.glsl
> http://u4e.us/c/vs1.glsl
> This one renders the triangle finally!
> I could not get the triangle to render color-per-vertex like in the
> example so I removed it. I'm thinking that it didn't work due to my old
> laptop (Intel 3000 graphics/GL 3.1) more than the source itself.
> Thanks again!
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