[SDL] Avoiding "aliasing" in very big scalled down image

ShiroAisu amarquespereira at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 14 07:52:00 PDT 2014

Thank you for the resource, but right after I posted this I went on to research mipmaps a bit more and as such I know what they do and how to get them.

I'm definitely generating the mipmaps right, but for some reason there is jaggedness once I zoom the mipmaps (in or out), for instance, this is a program I made to test my mipmapping, and the original image is about 3000 * 4000 or something like that. As you can see, this is the 2nd (I believe) level of mipmapping and while I render it at its normal size it looks perfect:

[Image: http://puu.sh/byGRX/c59502e90c.jpg ]

However, when I start zooming in or out even just a little, I get these jagged edges:

1.1 * zoom relative to the mipmap size:
[Image: http://puu.sh/byGRy/a97f4af794.jpg ]

0.9 * zoom relative to the mipmap size:
[Image: http://puu.sh/byGSv/00b1fae631.jpg ]

I cannot find any documentation on this whatsoever, and I've never encountered this behavior before.
Any ideas?[/img]

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