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Alex Barry alex.barry at gmail.com
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Just to be technical, and this brings things more off topic, but HTML5 does
not imply any sort of javascript at all - HTML5 is just the markup, and
some of the DOM elements have specific javascript functions, but they are
not always necessary.

I previously worked with a team where we did UX/UI evaluations on websites,
and yours is indeed terrible, BUT, for what it is (a website geared towards
your own games), it does the job.  As far as I can tell, none of your games
cater to any people who need special accessibility features (like braile,
text-to-speech, etc.) - this isn't an excuse to not fix it, but just
something that would help more people deal with the information on your

Jesse, I think you will find that many of us that use SDL also have a lot
of web experience, so most will come from a background that says "HTML
canvas is not really the medium you should use for the main content of your
website."  This is not inheritly right or wrong, but it is a very good

An HTML/javascript game engine really isn't the most common way to display
information on a webpage, especially when it's sole focus is a canvas.
 There are many reasons for this, but to name the top few:

   - Not all browsers support canvas
   - Not all users enable javascript for all websites (for speed and
   security reasons, among many other possible reasons)
   - Canvas is not inheritly responsive, since canvas implies a fixed size
   (of course, you can detect resizes, but like a game window, the developer
   assumes that a resize will be few and far between).  You obviously already
   figured this out when you noted that the site is not designed for mobile
   - Browsers are not getting locations added to the users' history, which
   means the back button becomes unpredictable to the user
   - The browser is getting potentially more stress with rendering a canvas
   than it is rendering multiple HTML elements.

Due to the above reasons, I think everyone would highly recommend you
redeveloping your webpage, but you also need to recognize that you're
displaying things that your HTML/javascript engine can do, and that also
says a lot about your games (which is partially good :D).

Now, knowing what people think is completely different from having an
actionable plan to fix things (if you want to).  I'd highly recommend
grabbing a free content management system (there are lots with lots of
different extensions in lots of different languages) - historically, good
starting point is wordpress, but there are many others that are good and
worth checking out.  With a good CMS, you'll be able to manage downloads,
links, projects, and so on, and bonus, you barely have to do any coding
(unless you want to customize your theme if you can't find a good free one).

Those are my two cents as a full stack web developer, and you can take them
or leave them.

On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 8:05 PM, JeZ-l-Lee <
JessePalserMailingLists at gmail.com> wrote:

>  Hi,
> Thanks for your comments.
> So the site works on everything I have(have all except Apple stuff):
> (yes, the website requires JavaScript - it's an HTML5 website)
> Just about everyone I show this new site to say it is bad.
> From a technical aspect it functions, but design and usability of site is
> terrible to all people.
> I am a video game programmer trying to make a website.
> I modified the "TetriCrisis 4 110% A.I." HTML5/JS source code to make this
> site.
> I'll discuss the site's future with my team mate in Russia over the next
> few days.
> There is no limitation to what the site can be(look/function) with
> We will figure it out, thanks!
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