[SDL] [Off Topic]-Check Website On Both OS X & iOS ?

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Fri Sep 12 17:05:02 PDT 2014


Thanks for your comments.
So the site works on everything I have(have all except Apple stuff):
(yes, the website requires JavaScript - it's an HTML5 website)

Just about everyone I show this new site to say it is bad.
>From a technical aspect it functions, but design and usability of site is terrible to all people.
I am a video game programmer trying to make a website.
I modified the "TetriCrisis 4 110% A.I." HTML5/JS source code to make this site.

I'll discuss the site's future with my team mate in Russia over the next few days.
There is no limitation to what the site can be(look/function) with HTML5/JS.
We will figure it out, thanks!

JessePalser <AT> Gmail <DOT> com
16BitSoft Inc.
Video Game Design Studio

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