[SDL] SDL 1.2 build still broken on Macos X 10.9 one year later.

T. Joseph Carter tjcarter at spiritsubstance.com
Tue Sep 9 21:22:10 PDT 2014

I'd suggest that a 1.2.16 or a is warranted just because 
there are a lot of binary-only games out there that shouldn't just 
break like that.  Sadly because of SDLmain there's just not a whole 
lot that can be done about the Finder issue, save perhaps having SDL 
no longer care about Finder, which is somewhat difficult.

Another is that the README says to static link against SDL…  That's 
not ideal at all.  The BEST solution is to have SDL's standard 
distribution on OS X be as a framework, with a script to produce 
compatibility symlinks if necessary for some reason (such as the 
inability to use pkgconfig/sdl-config or to use a private framework 
in a non-bundle application for testing or somesuch…)

I'm sure someone out there still has a need for SDL to run under X11 
on a Mac to use it embedded into some X toolkit as a subwindow object 
or … something, but I'd argue that if you need to do something like 
that and you have to jump through enough hoops already that the extra 
step involves is fairly minor.

The only possible problem I see is if someone somehow has a 
Darwin-based system whose buildsystem cannot understand and use 
frameworks.  I don't even know if that's possible.  I kind of doubt 
it.  Make the leap!  ;)  That's extra work for those of us using 
autoconf or cmake as build tools, but that's not exactly a new 
problem and the world could use a couple more real-world working 
examples of a suitable solution anyway.  ;)


On Mon, Sep 08, 2014 at 12:21:10AM -0400, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>>I assume Mercurial branch would eventually make it to the download page
>>but one year later it is no there. Can you please please fix the tar
>>from https://www.libsdl.org/download-1.2.php ?
>Our intention was to never ever update 1.2 again (except, eventually, 
>to replace it with a small bridge library that looks like 1.2 to your 
>app but talks to 2.0), but this _is_ sort of a frustrating situation 
>that Apple has forced us into in the meantime.
>(building on newer SDKs aside, 1.2.15 also depends on Mac OS X to pass 
>a magic command line to the app that lets us know that we were 
>launched from the Finder...Mac OS X 10.9 stopped passing that command 
>line, so at a minimum, existing apps might find themselves running 
>with an unexpected current working directory...and since this is in 
>SDLmain, the only way to fix this is relinking the app itself, not 
>even SDL. It's infuriating.)
>I'll ask about doing a 1.2.16 again.
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