[SDL] SDL 1.2 build still broken on Macos X 10.9 one year later.

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Sun Sep 7 21:21:10 PDT 2014

> I assume Mercurial branch would eventually make it to the download page
> but one year later it is no there. Can you please please fix the tar
> from https://www.libsdl.org/download-1.2.php ?

Our intention was to never ever update 1.2 again (except, eventually, to 
replace it with a small bridge library that looks like 1.2 to your app 
but talks to 2.0), but this _is_ sort of a frustrating situation that 
Apple has forced us into in the meantime.

(building on newer SDKs aside, 1.2.15 also depends on Mac OS X to pass a 
magic command line to the app that lets us know that we were launched 
from the Finder...Mac OS X 10.9 stopped passing that command line, so at 
a minimum, existing apps might find themselves running with an 
unexpected current working directory...and since this is in SDLmain, the 
only way to fix this is relinking the app itself, not even SDL. It's 

I'll ask about doing a 1.2.16 again.


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