[SDL] i would like to post the following: sdl 1.2 flickering when overlays a picture while a video is playing

Alberto Martín Fernandez amartin at grupoblidoo.com
Thu Sep 25 00:58:14 PDT 2014


Iḿ developing a media player using SDL1.2 .

I have flickering when i try to overlay an image in the screen during the
video is playing.(Like full screen buttons or an ad).

To display the video i'm creating overlay using SDL_CreateYUVoverlay
function. Then I set the rectangle and call SDL_DisplayYUVOverlay.

I'm trying to show a picture while the video is playing.
For showing the picture i tried YUV overlays(SDL_CreateYUVoverlay +
SDL_DisplayYUVOverlay ) and also with surfaces(SDL_BlitSurface +
SDL_UpdateRect or SDL_Flip) but it always flickers.

I read something about merge two YUV overlays in one (2 input to 1 output),
but i could not found information or examples about that.

Does anyone knows how to do this?

Thanks a lot!
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