[SDL] Compiling programs for iOS

ruler501 d.ruler501 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 09:34:09 PDT 2014

I got SDL compiled for iOS and the template, I copied the template and all my project files to the same directory, added my source files to the template(fixed all the errors from using fpermissive) and now when I get it to compiling it breaks when it tries to link. Every SDL function I use is listed(I also use SDL_image and SDL_ttf) as being unresolved. I checked and they are all listed as trying to link. I've tried compiling with only certain target architectures and that doesn't seem to help anything. Any ideas on what I've done wrong to get it to fail?

Here is the warning I'm getting from it

ld: warning: ld: warning: ignoring file /Users/devon/Downloads/SDL iOS Application/SDL/lib/libSDL.a, missing required architecture i386 in file /Users/devon/Downloads/SDL iOS Application/SDL/lib/libSDL.a (2 slices)ignoring file /Users/devon/Downloads/SDL iOS Application/SDL/lib/libSDL_image.a, missing required architecture i386 in file /Users/devon/Downloads/SDL iOS Application/SDL/lib/libSDL_image.a (2 slices)

I checked and added the i386 target to each of them and recompiled and it still isn't changed

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