[SDL] [Off Topic]-Check Website On Both OS X & iOS ?

JeZ-l-Lee JessePalserMailingLists at GMail.com
Fri Sep 12 12:33:28 PDT 2014

[Off Topic]-Check Website On Both OS X & iOS ?


We have made significant changes in the render code for our new HTML5/JS website.
I was hoping someone here with a Mac OS X computer and/or iOS iPhone/iPad/iPod device
could just do a quick test of our new HTML5/JS website and let us know if it works ok on Apple stuff?

The website URL is here:

Just visit the above URL on your OS X computer and/or iOS device Internet browser and tell us if it works ok.
Also let us know what platform you tried and OS version.

The HTML5/JS engine used for this website is the precursor to our next HTML5/JS video game which would start soon...
Thank you!

JessePalser <AT> Gmail <DOT> com
16BitSoft Inc.
Video Game Design Studio

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