[SDL] texture: what renderer? what conditions on size?

albert albzey at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 08:38:02 PDT 2014


SDL_CreateTexture creates a texture which is associated to a specific renderer, as I understand (and can also only used with this renderer, I guess). For a given texture, can I somehow query which renderer that is?

On the size, I remember that some OpenGL backends require the size to be a multiple of 2. But I don't see any such requirements in the doc. So it automatically handles that internally, i.e. it uses the next bigger size which is a multiple of 2?

I understand that there is a maximum texture size. So if I need something bigger, I need to handle that manually, i.e. create multiple textures?

Is there some guaranteed minimum texture size which is always supported?

Maybe the docs should be updated to answer these questions.


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