[SDL] Cross Compiling to 32 bit from 64 bit (Ubuntu)

mynameisjohn mynameisjohnj at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 23:13:49 PDT 2014

Hello All, 

I'm running a 64 bit Ubuntu machine, and I've had no trouble so far. However in the interest of compatibility I'd like to make my application 32 bit. 

When I go to link my application, I get some complaints: The linker cannot find the 32 bit versions of SDL2, nor its extension libraries, nor OpenGL/GLU/GLEW. I'm assuming this is because I don't have the 32 bit versions of those libraries installed, and when the linker looks in /usr/lib32 it can't find them.

How would one go about getting a 32 bit version of SDL2? I tried building it from source, and at the final stage I got this error:
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lts

Which is presumably another library whose 32 bit version I don't have. 

Interestingly enough, using the cross-configure and cross-make scripts provided by SDL I was able to get a 32 bit mingw-w64 compiler to work, meaning I can compile 32 bit windows SDL applications on my machine. However, I can't compile 32 bit linux applications, which is incredibly frustrating?

Is all this making sense? Any suggestions would be very helpful. 

- John

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