[SDL] [2.0.2]-*ubuntu-USB Joystick Not Centered At Start?

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Thu Sep 4 10:36:42 PDT 2014

[2.0.2]-*ubuntu-USB Joystick Not Centered At Start?


I am running Kubuntu 14.04 L.T.S. 64Bit fully updated on a thin client desktop.
I am compiling my SDL2 video game using Kubuntu's repos which are version 2.0.2.
After I compile video game and start it, the USB joystick is not centered?
If I move the direction pad around then the USB joystick is centered properly.
Do I need to do something to center joystick in the source code?

Here is the source code project(if you would like to look at it):
(Linux version with makefile)

16BitSoft Inc.
Video Game Design Studio

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