[SDL] Official SDL mirror on github

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Tue Jul 8 13:07:53 PDT 2014

> Hi, I'm part of a small team in Google that is working on technology for
> game developers.  A couple of our recent releases are
> https://github.com/google/liquidfun and
> https://github.com/google/flatbuffers .

(I haven't seen liquidfun before, but I saw FlatBuffers the other day, 
and it looks really promising! It's seems to be a good improvement over 
Protocol Buffers.)

> I was wondering whether there is any appetite in the SDL community to
> publish an official mirror of the Mercurial repository to github (using
> a tool like hg-git)?  This could make it easier for open source projects
> with dependencies on SDL to include a reference to the project's source
> using a git project reference (e.g git submodules).

I certainly can't stop you, but I would rather you not.

- People will assume the GitHub repo is the official location, because 
GitHub does this to people for some reason.

- People put my various projects on GitHub mirrors just for the sake of 
having a git mirror (fine), and then they stop pulling updates (not fine 
at all).

- People are going to send pull requests to the GitHub repo, which we 
probably won't see, and I'll probably roll my eyes every time we have to 
merge from there.

- There will be two bugtrackers: ours, and the GitHub one.
- There will be two wikis: ours, and the GitHub one.

- There are references all over the place to hg changesets, and links to 
https://hg.libsdl.org/ ... we had fallout from this before when we 
switched from CVS to svn, and again when we switched to Mercurial...we 
can deal with that fallout for changing revision systems, and if we ever 
move to git we will, but I don't really care for having two sets of this 
at once. It's not clear that it's worth the confusion so someone can 
choose between typing "git clone" or "hg clone".

- Submodules aren't interesting to us. We changed our license to let you 
statically link SDL, but we'd rather you have to struggle a bit to do 
so.  :)

And, personally important to me, but not necessarily anyone else:

We've been burned more than once by service providers and software that 
we don't control, and have spent an enormous amount of energy to control 
all our infrastructure because of it. Now (with the exception of the 
mailing lists for now), in the worst case, we can take our domain 
registration and our daily server backup and move somewhere else and 
carry on as before. I'm not interested in cooperating with yet-another 
Cloud Service provider that will, ultimately, make people ask why we 
aren't using the cloud service provider more instead of the perfectly 
good server that's completely under our control. Real talk: there are 
lots of interesting features there, but you should be using GitHub _less_.


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