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> Sik wrote:
>> That does indeed look like mingw-w64 (more specifically, the version
>> that builds 32-bit executables - remember mingw-w64 can make both
>> 32-bit and 64-bit programs).
> So, what's the issue with building sdl with haptic support with mingw
> anyway? What's the main problem?

For the full explanation (which admittedly probably comes down to
"noone has submitted a patch that we consider acceptable") you'll need
to ask the MinGW mailinglist, but the basics are that MinGW doesn't
ship the needed header files, and possibly stub libraries. This in
turn likely comes from two places:
1) No doubt, the MinGW team won't accept anything that they can't
place under the licenses that they use for their headers, which means
they can't accept anything from MSVC++ (which I believe actually has a
non-distribute clause anyways);
2) They're actually two projects in one, MinGW and MSys. And at the
moment, they're more focused on the MSys2 launch than anything else.

At any rate, none of this necessarily matters, because all of the
various MinGW projects (whether associated with MinGW/MSys proper, or
MinGW-w64, or something else) all use and therefor are compatible with
MSys, so to a limited extent they can be swapped in and out for each

Just remember not to ask for help with compilers or other tools that
MinGW/MSys didn't distribute on their mailinglist, lest you be yelled
at :) .

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