[SDL] [1.2.14 to 1.2.15]-Did System Requirements Change???

JeZ-l-Lee JessePalserMailingLists at GMail.com
Sat Mar 30 05:13:44 PDT 2013

Gabriele Greco wrote:
> You have this big difference with the same binary changing only the SDL dll in the binary directory?
> The only thing I can think looking at your screenshots it's that It could be some problem with image loading and you fallback to the "Start!" image if you fail....

The source code to this project did not change between the two screenshots shown above.
The only difference is the good screenshot is using SDL 1.2.14 and the bad screenshot is using SDL 1.2.15.

Also should be noted that I am now using the most current versions of:
- SDL_image
- SDL_mixer
- SDL_ttf

Perhaps there is a problem with using the newest versions of above libraries?
(particularly SDL_image)

Where can I download older versions of above 3 libraries?

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