[SDL] SDL_crash -- fatal error catching with user callback

Nathaniel J Fries nfries88 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 28 15:00:20 PDT 2013

Mason Wheeler wrote:
> ...and most high-level languages will catch "fatal errors" and translate them into exceptions. In Delphi, for example, probably the most common exception encountered while debugging is EAccessViolation--usually as a result of a null pointer dereference--which is caused by the runtime catching Windows error code C0000005 (or its equivalent signal on other OSs) and translating it into an exception. Stack overflows and illegal instructions are handled similarly. Heap corruption can be detected by the memory manager if you enable its Full Debug Mode, and it will raise an exception (and write you out a log file full of debug information) if it detects any corruption.
> Again, this is the sort of thing that your language ought to be handling for you, and I really don't see much use for it unless someone is actually building SDL projects in C itself.

I see what you mean now. No, if you are using those languages, I don't see how this could possibly benefit you. This is meant for developers using C or C++ (or even D) to develop with SDL directly.

Nate Fries

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