[SDL] Coming back to SDL

Sik the hedgehog sik.the.hedgehog at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 08:43:00 PDT 2013

Fair enough.

SDL defaults to Direct3D on Windows I think, but you probably want to
use SDL_SetHintWithPriority before creating the window to ensure it
uses that backend.

Also you can generate a Doxygen documentation from the header files
(go to the include directory and run doxygen from there), but yeah,
documentation is sorta flaky for the moment.

2013/3/28, ebyard <e_byard at yahoo.co.uk>:
> Thanks for your reply.
> We need to use a DirectX/3D backend because our customer (we make casino
> type games) has a DirectX hook to let them display system messages over the
> game. Currently they do not support OpenGL correctly and it will take them
> many months to fix this.
> So our only hope is to use DirectX, which I assume SDL still defaults to on
> a Windows platform.
> I'll look at the new functions. I guess there is no proper documentation
> yet? I found the wiki....but it's not much help :(
> Thanks
> Ed

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