[SDL] CMake gurus...

Sik the hedgehog sik.the.hedgehog at gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 19:10:46 PDT 2013

Huh, CMake is just download and run, there isn't much more to it...
Just make sure Visual Studio is installed too. Also other libraries
such as PhysicsFS use CMake too.

The only important dependency SDL has on Windows are DirectX and
OpenGL as far as I know. OpenGL always comes bundled, and DirectX has
started to come bundled with Visual Studio in recent versions too.
Correct me if I'm wrong on this.

The only issue I had with CMake was it defaulting to Visual Studio on
a system that used MinGW instead (it assumed that Windows == Visual
Studio), but we're talking about using CMake with Visual Studio so
that obviously isn't the issue here.

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>> I think he meant that CMake makes the need for said projects redundant
>> in the first place (though it probably also isn't a suitable tool for
>> making them).
>> Let's get this out of the way quickly: what are the pre-made projects
>> needed for?
> They're needed for people that want to compile SDL, but don't want to
> deal with a lot of extra cruft. Not having tried compiling it recently
> I can't guess whether it's possible to compile SDL 2 without
> downloading lots of dependencies, but I can sympathize with the desire
> itself.
> Ideally we would use something make-ish that was generic enough to act
> as both a build system, AND a configure system, but I don't recall any
> logic languages being standard installs anywhere.
> I suppose SDL could switch to a makefile that generates either a
> another makefile, or a Visual Studio project, depending on arguments,
> but that strikes me as... insane.
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