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> I think he meant that CMake makes the need for said projects redundant
> in the first place (though it probably also isn't a suitable tool for
> making them).
> Let's get this out of the way quickly: what are the pre-made projects
> needed for?

They're needed for people that want to compile SDL, but don't want to
deal with a lot of extra cruft. Not having tried compiling it recently
I can't guess whether it's possible to compile SDL 2 without
downloading lots of dependencies, but I can sympathize with the desire

Ideally we would use something make-ish that was generic enough to act
as both a build system, AND a configure system, but I don't recall any
logic languages being standard installs anywhere.

I suppose SDL could switch to a makefile that generates either a
another makefile, or a Visual Studio project, depending on arguments,
but that strikes me as... insane.

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