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Eric Wing ewmailing at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 17:56:34 PDT 2013

> On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 10:17 PM, Sam Lantinga <slouken at libsdl.org> wrote:
>> I want CMake to replace the visual studio and xcode projects if possible.
>>  Can that be done?

Visual Studio: Yes, I believe it can be done.

Mac: Yes, I think that can be done too.

iOS: Might be harder. There is an experimental iOS/CMake utility
project (similar to the Android/CMake utility project). I haven't had
a chance to play with it. (I have played with the Android one.) It's
definitely more steps for a end user though which makes it tougher.

> and with relative paths so the projects can be redistributed

Relative paths don't really work in CMake. In general, you can't
really redistribute generated projects. It just doesn't work right.
Just finding the path to the compiler is an incredibly hard problem.
(Windows is particularly hard because drive letters make things even

>, then I'll drop autotools. :)

Apple has already dropped autotools from their toolchain. That pretty
much means its only useful on Linux and maybe some of the other Unices
(but not Android). But all of those Unices can get CMake just as
easily as autotools through their package management tools. (And CMake
has fewer components and dependencies than autotools.)

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