[SDL] [Framework] Event-based Networking

Glocke cgloeckner at freenet.de
Mon Mar 18 01:17:48 PDT 2013

Nathaniel J Fries wrote:
> [...] you will quickly find a bottleneck at mutually exclusive code, generally at ~50 clients (and it will become unbearable by the time you reach 100).

Ah okay, that's the point :) I think I'll put this to my todo-list. MMORPG is a very specific genre but - as you said - a possible case of using networking frameworks ^^ So you're right :) 

But to go more in detail: Can problem about accessing mutual exclusive code (I hope I'm right: locking common resources with a mutex? :D ) be diminished by using std::mutex or so?

Does anybody else likes to comment on my framework? :)

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