[SDL] SDL 2.0 ABI locked

Nathaniel J Fries nfries88 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 17 17:29:35 PDT 2013

Sik wrote:
> But stdint.h is part of the standard and would affect way more than
> just SDL. If you don't have one you probably are going to have even
> more issues later. Besides SDL's own types aren't very safe anyway -
> they aren't prefixed, and the names are quite predictable (e.g.
> Uint8), chances are several other libraries have those same exact
> typedefs too and will conflict with SDL as well. It's a lose-lose
> situation no matter what.

stdint.h became part of the standard in C99. Most C libraries are built to support older standards for portability's sake -- for example, Haiku, to maintain binary compatibility with BeOS, uses GCC 2.95; which was released in 1999 and not have full support for C99 at the time (much as no C++ compiler has full C++11 support yet, even though its two years later) -- and so expecting stdint.h is bad policy to begin with.

Assuming SDL is meant to be compatible with the earliest C standard, C89, then assuming stdint exists is bad behavior.

A good point on the non-prefix argument, though. Although I've never run into such a case personally.

Nate Fries

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