[SDL] [Framework] Event-based Networking

Glocke cgloeckner at freenet.de
Sat Mar 16 15:46:35 PDT 2013

Sik wrote:
> Just a remark: Creative Common licenses are explicitly suggested to
> *not* be used for code, they're meant for non-functional stuff. Try to
> find an equivalent license designed specifically for software.

Do you have a suggestion referring a "better" licence? :) 

Sam Lantinga wrote:
> Out of curiosity, have you seen this?http://gameprogrammer.com/fastevents/fastevents1.html (http://gameprogrammer.com/fastevents/fastevents1.html)

Jonny D wrote:
> And this, right?http://gameprogrammer.com/net2/net2-0.html (http://gameprogrammer.com/net2/net2-0.html)

No, I didn't knew anything about Net2 nor FastEvents. But on the first sight it doesn't look completly as my solution. What's your opinion on my solution?

Kind regards, Glocke

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