[SDL] SDL 2.0 ABI locked

Jared Maddox absinthdraco at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 19:28:24 PDT 2013

> Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2013 12:45:54 -0700
> From: "neoaggelos" <neoaggelos at yahoo.gr>
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> Subject: Re: [SDL] SDL 2.0 ABI locked
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> Sik wrote:
>> Doesn't that go against the ABI being locked though?
>> 2013/3/15, neoaggelos <neoaggelos at yahoo.gr>:
>> > Since SDL2 is not released yet, is it possible to change
>> > SDL_GL_BindTexture
>> > so that the created texture's coordinates range from 0 to 1 linearly ?
>> >
>> > Just an idea....
>> >

> Well, I know, but for someone that uses many textures in his programs and
> relies upon this
> will most probably not be that happy.
> Having a standard value will make it easier

None the less, the ABI is locked, AND this isn't something that SDL
controls, so no. However, it should be somewhat simple to create an
abstraction layer that does this for you. Don't go looking in SDL for
it, but certainly the community would be perfectly happy if someone
were to make a library that does this, and interfaces with SDL in the
appropriate places.

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