[SDL] SDL_RenderCopy android

wboe w.boeke at upcmail.nl
Sat Mar 9 07:06:13 PST 2013


> Widgets go through a completely different rendering pipeline as far as
> I know, so they aren't affected by this limitation.

No, widgets (home-made) are exactly like other items. The only difference is that they usually can accept touches or mouse clicks.

Jonny D:

> You can always buffer them yourself (render to a texture).  Then the only substantial logic change is to copy that buffer to the screen each frame.

That's not realistic, there may be dozens off them. At that, in 'normal' applications there is no such thing as a 'frame'. The screen has to be updated only when something visible has been modified. Meanwhile the application is doing useful other things, e.g. calculate complicated audio waveforms.

It would be nice if you could create apps that look like normal Android apps, the user should see no difference. So if native Android has no problems with partial screen updates, this should be possible with SDL-for-Android too.


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