[SDL] SDL gesture API

Nicholas Rishel rishel.nick at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 03:34:06 PST 2013

> Just a question though: doesn't the operating system handle some
> gestures on its own, i.e. it parses the movement and sends an event to
> the program with the relevant gesture? Or is that just a
> misunderstanding? (or if I'm right, is there any OS where built-in
> support for gestures is too lackluster to be worth using?)
> I mention this because if the OS handles gestures then a separate
> library may have it hard to reuse that functionality directly. Though
> maybe it's better to just do everything manually in the long term and
> ignore the OS when it comes to gestures (except maybe for retrieving
> user settings, but it wouldn't need SDL for that).

Every operating system I am familiar with that has gestures also has the
ability disable them to get raw touch data.
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